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Extending ABA: Autism Support UK

Founded and run by super autism mum Linzi Tropea, Autism Support UK aims to help spread the benefits of ABA though its Bolton-based Saturday school, where trained staff and volunteers help autistic children with communication, social and play skills in fun-filled sessions.

There is a growing demand for ABA from families in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas, and Autism Support UK is helping to develop the workforce of the future by providing training for all volunteers via ABA professionals. The club also provides parents with opportunities to network and support each other as well as offering a high-quality speaker series to give parents vital information about autism and relevant topics such as the EHCP process. 

Club fees are kept at affordable low levels for families, and therefore the AS-UK team is always in fundraising mode - trying to raise the cash needed to keep providing this service. See the website here.

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